about heathfield web design

Heathfield Web Design is a friendly design company based in Heathfield, East Sussex.

We can advise on, and look after on your behalf, every aspect of setting up a new website. Starting from choosing a domain name and setting up and using email addresses, we can help with designing and building your site, to finally launching your site on the internet and optimising it for inclusion in search engine results.

Our studio is in the High Street in Heathfield, above the greengrocers. Why not come and see us? Before you do, you may like to look at a selection of our recent website designs by clicking here.

We design for clients in London, Sussex, Surrey and Kent, and of course, Heathfield. Naturally, we are creative and enthusiastic and we certainly aim to be affordable.

If you are considering having your first website designed and built, please explore this site to find out more, and we are always pleased to discuss your requirements, and answer questions, either in person or by telephone or email. You can get in touch with us here.