web site design

Between us we have a wealth of experience in web design, and we will work with you personally to ensure an end product that is right for you and your budget. We will discuss your ideas, answer your questions, advise, and design a site to meet your requirements. The initial design we submit will be a basis for discussion with you, and using your feedback we will adapt and amend the design to arrive at a design you feel correctly represents you and your company.

We have designed and built large on-line e-commerce websites, and smaller regular sites for businesses and individuals. We are also happy to redesign existing websites.


Naturally our prices vary depending on the amount of work involved. Our prices start with an entry-level content manageable web site of an handful of pages at around £850 plus vat. Each site is individual, so we will quote you prior to starting work on your site, so you know what you’ll be paying without any nasty surprises. Feel free to contact us today and have a chat about what you’re after.

site maintenance and updating

After its creation, your site can be updated as often as you require. This can be done by us, but the majority of site that we create can be updated by you or your staff using an easy to understand software package like WordPress.

The maintenance of the server your site is on, and the updating of security and software on that web server is also handled by us.